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Inspiration on a rainy Florida Monday morning

Here in Florida, it's not easy to get inspired to make the lovely woolen knits of mu imagination. Today, for example, it's hot and rainy. I've been knitting a cotton scarf just to keep my hands busy,, wool!!! I love wool.

In my internet ramblings I ran across this website:

"Karie does things with wool and words. Her first book — This Thing of Paper — was published on November 30, 2017." This woman is living one of my most persistent dreams--uniting my love of books with my love of woolens. Visit her website and get inspired!

Karie's words reminds me of a little meditation I wrote a few years ago:

Writing and Knitting
It may seem that writing and knitting do not have much in common, but let me enumerate their amazing similarities: 1.You start with a pile of materials and make something that only you can make. 2.You contemplate the pile for a while before you begin, letting your imagination run wild. 3.Sometimes you don…

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