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Wear Wool and Love It!---for Dawn!

Wool is a natural, sustainable fiber that made from animal hair. We usually think of wool as coming from sheep, but we can also shear (cut) and spin (create a continuous yarn) either the fleece (the entire coat) or hand-harvested hair from goats (for cashmere and mohair), alpacas, yaks, rabbits (for angora wool), and even cats and dogs. All wool is naturally quite water-repellent and retains some of its ability to insulate even when it’s soaked.  This makes sense, as the animals we get our wool from depend on their hair to stay relatively dry when outdoors.
Wool from sheep Within the category of wool from sheep, there are significant variations based on the diameter of the fiber (measured in microns) that impact the “itch factor.” In general, wool that is finer (smaller diameter) is softer and less likely to feel scratchy. Fine wools may pill (make little balls when you wear them) more than thicker wools, since they are less sturdy. T…

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