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Sick of hats

Christmas hat rush!

Christmas party!

Frogged and reborn

Gingerbread cable and lattice hat

New hat: Dan's hat

"Just say no" to wool

Bad Schandau: the wind blows through my hat

Some felted knitted items

"when it snows, I want to knit"

Green hat I knit for Joanna

"24" pillow: pattern stitch and yarn color variations


knitting and knotting

back in the Land of Woolies


a very funny website: what not to knit

photos and a big let-down

Felted tam, unfelted tam, a scarf and a crazy hat.

Tams and mags

More changes of plan

Knitting and frogging

ravelry obsession


Ignis Craft Workshop and Store

Christmas fever

Guerilla knitting in Prague

More baby hats

Smiling Joanna


What to do?

Klaus models teal fuzzy hat