Sparkly yarn and yarn snobs

I am a yarn snob--I want to knit with natural fibres only. Wool, cotton, linen, mohair, soy, silk, bamboo--all these are the yarns I will buy.

But inside me lurks a girl who loves sparkly yarn. And I suspect that many "natural-yarn" knitters secretly love those yarns, too. On, there's a gallery of knitting projects gone wrong. They are hilarious! And most of them involve sparkly yarns.

Sparkly yarn--and variegated!
I also love variegated yarns, which are more acceptable but not really a "yarn snob" choice. Still, in any yarn shop I am drawn to the yarns that shade from blue to green and back again, with many shades in between.


  1. Soy and bamboo are not considered natural fibers because they require machines to turn them into fiber. They are synthetics.


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