Felted tam, unfelted tam, a scarf and a crazy hat.

I knit myself a tam and then felted it. The felting was so successul that the tam, which was huge, is now too small for me. I'll put up a photo when my husband returns the camera!

With some superwash wool, I knit a tam for Jirina. It's also huge--but--superwash doesn't felt. I should have figured this out. Now I am left with a huge, clean tam. What shall it be?

I'm now knitting an interesting scarf with my Ingis wool and a few leftover wools. It's very pretty and soft. And with the few bits of other yarn I have, I'm knitting a multi-color hat, just to make a hat, as I am addicted to hat-knitting. It's so rewarding!

On Friday I plan to meet Hope at Marlen. She's offered to navigate me through the store, where I had very little success in August. I am ready to buy yarn!


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