Knitting and frogging

I took 3 small balls of wool with me on our weekend car trip. First I tried a scarf with all 3 (red, black, light grey) in narrow stripes. Frogged it--too much contrast. Then I tried just black and grey--too harsh. Frogged it. Then I made a narrow 1x1 rib scarf in light grey, but ran out of yarn when it was about 10" long. Frogged it. When I got home, I tried a scarf with 4 rows of natural and two rows of light grey. Boring. Frogged it.

I hate to knit scarves.

frogged hat
So now I'm making---a hat! with the natural yarn and a tiny bit of orange yarn that I recycled from a frogged hat I knit last spring that doesn't go with anything I own here. We brought just a minimal amount of clothing when we moved to Prague (stored most of it in FL) so I have only one jeans jacket, a big black thick sweatshirt, a blue/white snowflake fleece pullover and a purple fleece vest. The clothes are so expensive here that I refuse to buy anything except in the Vietnamese shop around the corner--the same clothes as in the mall stores, but about 1/3 cheaper. I truly believe that all the clothes are made in the same factories in China, but with slightly different styling and different labels.


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