"24" pillow: pattern stitch and yarn color variations

Here's the patchwork pillow I made as a scientific experiment. These three variables are the same for every square:

1. all squares are from the same German superwash wool, made in Italy (Schoeller and Stahl, Limbo Superwash). 

2. all are made on size 8 needles.

3. all began with 24 cast-on stitches.

The two variables are:

1. pattern stitch.

2. color of yarn.

Pattern Stitch Variations: Some squares are garter stitch; these are huge and stretchy. Some have cables; the cables pull in the yarn, distorting the shape and size of the square. Some squares are done in variations on moss stitch; they are middle-sized and kept their shape the best. None are done in stockinette, as I don't like it much.

Color of Yarn Variations: The black yarn had the roughest texture. I have found with many black yarns that they are rough and stringy. I think the dyes used may be the problem. Even so, this yarn was the 2nd easiest to knit with in terms of resilience and "spring." The red yarn was the least pleasant to work with. It was not springy, and the color was pinkish. I didn't like it at all. The grey was the best yarn. It had lots of life. Maybe the grey dye is less harmful to the wool.

So my experiment shows me that you MUST make a gauge swatch with EVERY yarn and EVERY pattern stitch. What worked once with a certain yarn may be very different if ANY of the conditions are changed.


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