Every time I use the purse I made from swatches, I get compliments on it. So now I'm on a mission to make swatches, to make things that people will like.

I will post a photo of "24," my experiment with different stitches. Every swatch began with 24 cast-on stitches, on #8 needles. I used only one type of yarn (in 3 colors) : worsted Superwash that I bought at Palladium Yarns in Prague.

The range of sizes of swatches was staggering. A garter stitch swatch was huge; a swatch with one center cable was tiny. The basketweave swatch (K 4, P 4 moss stitch) was teeny-tiny.

I crocheted them all together and looked at my squarish creation. What was it? A purse? No.

It fit perfectly over an ugly pillow I had, so now the pillow has a beautiful knitted cover. My husband loves it-he finds the wool to be soothing on his kidneys.


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