Sick of hats

I am hat-repelled today. The last mad rush to finish Vilda's hat, which was off the needles just minutes before we went to their flat for Christmas Eve dinner, has put me off hats temporarily. I am now working on a vest for me with some strange Vlnap yarn (Geisha) I bought from a galanetrie near Tesco. The yarn is acrylic, wool and mohair--light as a cloud and fuzzy. It's pretty and not hard to work with, but I don't know if this vest is the best way to use it. I bought 2 of 4: 2 dark purple, 2 red mix, 2 blue/green mix and two orange. All the colors are fairly muted, with undertones of gray. Kind of pretty in one way, kind of trashy in another way. Oh, well.

Last night I cast on a purse from the leftover hand-dyed, handspun yarn that I made the blue/green Gingerbread hat from. I intend to make a purse with stripes and perhaps a big graphic snowflake with this yarn and some natural hand-spun wool from Ignis. Then I want to felt the bag. I haven't gotten felting out of my system.


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