Bad Schandau: the wind blows through my hat

We were in Bad Schaudau, Germany, last week to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. This spa town in the former East Germany (DDR) is on the way to Dresden. The original idea was to take day trips to Dresden, but we liked Bad Schandau so much that we stayed there all week. It's a charming little town, with a nice Thermal Bath complex over a natural hot spring, The surrounding mountains, known as the Saxon Switzerland, are actually old volcanoes. It's a very picturesque and friendly town.

The only problem we had in Bad Schandau is that the cutting wind that accompanied the snow went straight through our hats. I made the hats in Florida, so it's not all that surprising that they are not up to task in windy, snowy weather. I have a new, thick hat on the needles, so today is hat day!


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