Two extreme hats

Just at the tail end of winter I bought some new woolen yarns. Then I knit Jarda's ultimate hat. My husband hates to be cold, so this hat is double-thick pure wool. The cream parts are hand-spun Czech wool, extremely thick and textury. The gray parts are two strands of Paton Canadian yarn, one gray and one oatmeal heather. Now he can't complain about having cold ears.

Then for myself, for spring, I knit a cotton hat. I bought the yarn in the Czech galanterie by pointing. The nice lady was kind and helped me get what I wanted. The yarn is from Austria, DK weight and mercerized, so it has a subtle sheen. I knit a finely striped hat, enjoying the complete non-splittiness of the yarn. When I put it on, Jarda said I looked like a German boy.


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