wool of the Andes

when I was in Florida in March, I bought some Patons wool yarn at JoAnne.

I like this yarn quite a bit, but my real love is Knitpicks "Wool of the Andes." The price is right; the colors are great, and the color descriptions are most helpful (not just "Jalapeno"--but "Jalapeno is a medium yellow green with black undertones. Reminiscent of the color of a jalapeno pepper, it will have you hopping with excitement. Combine with Daffodil for a spicy and fun combination, or tone it down with a selection of neutrals for a softer appeal.")

Now I'm going to NY in August, which gives me time to make a Knitpicks order and have it sent to my daughter's house, where I can pick it up. I've spent hours searching Ravelry, which has a wonderful "yarn" filter that shows you what people have made with any yarn you can imagine. So I get to see finished items in the colors I like, which is great. You'd be surprised how a yarn color that looks good in a small square is too bright or too intense in a garment.

This is so much fun, I intend to play with yarn colors till the week before I go to NY.

I have a weakness for red:
Firecracker Red

Note the color differences between the yarn photo from Knitpicks and the red fox below, made with this yarn. The fox was knit by sarcygurl, a Ravelry member.


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