No hats, but a summer sweater

July was chilly and rainy here--my kind of weather! I didn't make any new hats, but I did make myself a summer sweater from the Austrian cotton yarn I bought in May.
I really like this cardi. The colors are subtle, the yarn is simple, the cut is drapey.

As often happens, though, I now need a shirt to wear under it, as it's too loosely knit to be worn alone. For some reason, my entire wardrobe is like that: when I make or buy something new, I have to buy other new things--the domino effect.

I know from assiduously reading Glamour as an 8th-grader that you are supposed to BUILD you wardrobe, using the garments you own as a foundation. But I am so reluctant to buy new clothes that, by the time, I do add an item, the stuff I already own is half worn-out. So the new item makes the old stuff look shabby.

My husband doesn't understand this. He really does build his wardrobe, addin new items that harmonize with the old. Anyway, I do like my new sweater.


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