more on why I knit

I like to keep up with the news from around the world. And I have very strong opinions about politics, economics, religion, and education. But if I think too much about any of these topics, I get angry and downhearted at the ignorance, greed, stupidity and general evil that the human race is capable of producing (myself included).

So...I knit. Knitting involves such lovely, creative things: beautiful woolen, cotton, silk, alpaca, mohair, and soy yarns in gorgeous, vivid colors or subtle, earthy heather colors. Slippery needles in wood, acrylic and metal. Tiny colorful stitch markers, cable needles and pieces of waste yarn. New patterns to decode and old familiar patterns to discover again.

The best parts of knitting are social--the millennia-long community of knitters I am part of, and the people who will receive and use the items I knit.

Knitting makes me feel connected to people in a kind, loving way. It is politically neutral, religion-free and educationally generous. That's why knitting is a refuge, for me, in a sometimes harsh and hostile world.


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