Felting adventures

I had some leftover Wool of the Andes yarn and a need for a taller bag to hold my A4 papers for tutoring assignments. So I searched Ravelry with determination to find a pattern and make a great bag. I found the Booga Bag, a popular felted bag with drawstrings, and planned a Fibonacci stripe pattern. This is probably the most researched and thought-through bag I have ever made.

Well. The drawstring thing did not work for me, as I couldn't make the holes the right size. Then, too, after I felted the bag, it shrunk so much that I would not be able to put A4 paper into it if I carried on with the drawstring part. (the small square in the photo is an inner pocket)

So, instead, I cut the drawstring in half to make two shoulder straps. I added a small flap and big button to close it, but the first time I went outside, I was nervous that someone would put his or her hot little hand down into my bag and take my wallet (there's a serious pickpocket problem here in Prague). I took it home and inserted a big, full-length zipper.

I am happy with the bag. I can (just) fit it A4 paper, and the bag is lightweight, secure and somewhat waterproof in a light rain. I like this non-Booga bag.



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