a handsome vest for hubby

I wanted to knit my husband a sweater, but he has very pronounced opinions about everything, including sweaters. So I gathered some nice Knitpicks wool yarn and timidly showed him a Fair Isle pullover vest in my Alice Starmore book. Would he like something like this? yes.
Prince of Wales
Well, the pattern called for insanely complicated Fair Isle designs on fingering yarn and tiny needles, where I had worsted yarn and size 8 needles. I also had much more Camel heather than any other color. So I knit the back in Camel, using a pattern I found just to get the right number to cast on and an idea on the armhole decreases and shoulder shaping.

I held the finished back up and said, "Do you like this?" yes. I stretched it over his back and it seemed big enough (he's a tall guy). I asked if it was okay to make it a pullover, as he HATES pulling regular sweaters over his head. yes, giving me a complicated explanation that since it was a vest, with no sleeves, it could be pullover. So I started the front.

As usual, I tried using some Alice Starmore peerie patterns, border patterms and full-cover patterns from the book, but quickly got bored and began to make up my own. I did stick to the "no more than 2 colors per row" rule that Alice stresses, but I did not knit every stitch (apparently you should never purl in true Fair Isle), as it was SK, not knit in the round. Even so, I thought it looked pretty good.

I kept holding it up and asking if it was okay. yes. So I finished it, with great fear and trepidation that it would be too small, or too short, or he would just hate it.


he loves it. He wore it every day for a week! It fits fabulously and makes him look very handsome!!!


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