spring sweater

Now it's nearly spring in Prague, and I wanted a knock-around sweater in a neutral color, big enough to throw over my clothes for quick trips to the potraviny and DM.

Here it is:
143-23 October - Jacket with raglan, worked top down in Delight and Vivaldi

It was quite easy to knit, though I just skipped the cable/raglan detail as it seemed more trouble than it as worth and the photo didn't show it in enough detail to be useful. Instead, I added 6 rounds of garter stitch to make it not so bland. I made it quite a bit longer than the pattern suggested, so it covers my rear end.

The yarn is 

N.Y. Yarns Olympic in Graphite, a warm grey with hints of sage green.

I washed it and it shrunk a bit (that was my intention) and got softer (a nice surprise!)



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