The passing on of the yarn

Today my friend Colleen and I took part in a rite of passage for expats leaving Prague: the passing of the yarn. She posted on Facebook that she had some yarn she couldn't take back to the US, and was giving it away; did anyone want it?
Rowan, a British yarn not sold here...sigh
"Me," I quickly replied. I love other people's yarn stash, as there is always stuff that is absolutely new to me and amazing. So I went to her flat and she presented me with a bag of yarn, some of which was given to her by other people who left Prague. (I gave her a book written by my husband and me, on choosing a career, as a thank-you and to help her as she moves back to the US job scene.)
This proud tradition unites knitters in Prague who've moved on. My friend Joanna, when she moved back to the US, dispersed her stash among several people (she had a huge stash, because she hosted stitch-n-bitch Prague and got lots of stuff from people who were leaving). Then another friend, also Joanna, did the same.

My friend Marie has a considerable stash from getting on the train of passed-on yarn. She feeds lots of it to me in small amounts, so I don't get overwhelmed. I use every bit.

a rare label
I love getting other people's yarn. It's like having a window in their lives in Prague. It's also a fun guessing game, as most of the yarn has no label anymore, so you can only use your imagination as to what it's made from, unless you recognize it. Here in Prague, it's a pretty good bet that it will be synthetic yarn, as that's what they sell here, so I'm starting a baby/kid's clothes project to make stuff that will be washable. "Kiki and Kubichek" is coming soon!


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