Little things, baby things, doll things

I am knitting up some balls of yarn that I have been given. Most of the yarn is just one ball of a particular color, composition, weight, and so on.

"Nach strick und faden", in Dresden. I have yet to get there, though it's reasonably close.
Some strange blue/green acrylic yarn has become a scarf. I used 5  balls of superbulky acrylic in red, red/purple mix, blue, blue/red mix and lavender/green mix to knit two baby changing cloths and a diaper bag for my friend who's having a baby (forgot to take pictures before I gave them to her). Now I'm working on doll clothes.
not what I am making, sadly. These are much cuter.
 Really, I am just puttering. I'll try to take a few photos and put them up, but they won't be all that exciting. I need some new yarn, or some inspiration, or both.


  1. Sara, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog. My favorite things you knitted are the fabulous Blue Willow socks and those cute sardines! Thank you for the free patterns, I'll use the ones for the Basic Go To Hat and the Bulky Felted Fingerless Mitts. Probably many times over. I did find you and your blog on Ravelry where I'm known as Woollyworm7 in SE Michigan USA. I'm also of Czech heritage on my maternal Grandparents' side so I guess that is one of the main things that drew me to your blog. Again thank you. Annette


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