Summer's the time to finish up things that are lying around, and then plan the fall!

My last post was in May, when I noted that's I'd been given some yarn and was plotting how to us it. Well, most of that yarn has been transformed. A few tiny balls of it linger, but are now consigned to yarnbombing in September.

Here are a few items I knitted. Some I gave away without taking a photo (Daniela's diaper bag with two changing cloths, for example), so here's what I still have, before I mail most of it to the US. I just today made myself sew on buttons, make button loops, thread elastic and so forth.

1. This sophisticated city-style outfit will be just right for one of my granddaughter's AG dolls, I hope.
American Girl outfit, with sweater-jacket, scarf, skirt and sleeveless top

2. I love red, and used up almost every inch of red yarn.
Sleeveless top and skirt

with matching top-down sweater

3. Blue is always good. This sweater and skater dress will be warm!
February doll sweater

Skater Dress. Note fluffy yarn.

I also made a child's top-down sweater with 4 balls of cotton/acrylic Czech yarn. I don't know who it will fit, but I like it.

summer stripes

Note color repetitions

so now I can finish the two projects on my needles (a light cotton scarf and a new baby sweater in purples) and then move on to winter gear. I have some lovely yarn that my family sent me from the USA and just need to decide how to use it!

tumblewood, hand-spun and dyed. I also have a skein of deep pink.


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