August continues

This is a strange month for me as a knitter. I have some wools that I want to knit into something, but what that something is, I don't know (except for the baby sweater for a friend's baby-in-the-making). I have some mercerized cottons that are turning into scarves and more American Girl clothes. These yarns at the opposite ends of my yarn spectrum, and I flip from one to the other.

Here is a baby sweater I just finished. Shhh, it's a surprise. The pattern (free on Ravelry) is Baby Sophisticate ( It was fun to knit--top-down!

Baby Sophisticate

Marmot models--he is the perfect, man of the world model

I also knitted another little scarf, for me:

Czech yarn from Pardubice, a cotton/acrylic blend. It has just a bit of shiny.

and I am looking at some German yarn that Iris brought me from England. It begs to be felted.

Those are#13 needles
August, almost over. A fairly non-committal month for me as a knitter.


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