Oslo and Garn

Most of us know about DROPS, the knitting and crochet pattern library offered free by Garnstudio. They have page after page of free patterns, all photographed against the sky and the sea.

I figured out from spending hours on this site that "garn" is "yarn"! Knowing that, I set out in search of garn when I visited Oslo a few weeks ago. And I found it, at Glas Magasinet, a gorgeous old-fashioned department store of the kind they no longer have here in Prague, where I live.

Glas Magasinet, near the Oslo Cathedral
I went into the store and gaped at the lovely stuff--housewares, perfume, a small lunch counter, and gifts, displayed tastefully in a store full of light.

 I didn't see any yarn, though I did see a polar bear.

So I asked, and a friendly saleslady pointed me down. As I descended the escalator, a panorama of yarn appered

The yarn shop was a warren of alcoves and aisles, stuffed full of yarn, needles, pattern books, sample garments, and notions (buttons, embroidery floss, etc.)  I was entranced.

Unfortunately, I was with my husband, who graciously waited about three minutes and then started to ask when we could leave. So I rushed around, picked up some soft Dale of Norway bulky thick-and-this cream-colored yarn (Condor) and left, reluctantly.

My husband has promised a return to trip Oslo, and I am holding him to it. The yarn was so pretty, and reasonably priced! We shall return!


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