Bags galore

I am getting ready to move back to the USA, which means that I am knitting all the loose yarn around my flat into bags.

Marmot sits in Vermont bag (
 This will accomplish three goals:

1. Provide handy small gifts for people in the USA
2. Use up the yarn so I don't have to pack it or store it here in Prague
3. Give me a green light to buy new yarn in the USA

It's also fun, of course, and mildly creative. The basic yarn is Mocha Knit Picks Full Circle, with a bit of Robin Full Circle for accents. Here's how it's turning out:

Porcupine in small felted tweed bag (

Small felted tweed bag without porcupine. I knitted it in 1-row stripes, and the effect when felted is tweed (

I had the chance to experiment with needle size and pattern, since I had quite a bit of yarn and could use my basic pattern with variations:

Bear in small handled bag with peerie patterns. Note the felting hides the pattern, as the two colors had little contrast. But I like the subtlety (

Handled bag, sans bear (


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