Oslo! Our new favorite city

My husband and I were in Oslo for just 5 precious days in July. We got lucky with the weather and had a wonderful, sunny Scandinavian holiday on the water in front of Oslo, in the hills above Oslo, and in the green parks and museums of that fine city.

I had two yarn-related goals: to do some serious shopping for a Norwegian sweater and to take home some wooly Norwegian yarn. I did both, with mixed results.

1. Buying a Norwegian sweater: in Copenhagen, in 1990, my husband bought a grey-and-cream classic Norwegian sweater.
Not his sweater, but similar
He has worn that sweater every winter for 23 years, and it still looks good. He's washed it by hand in Woolite, as instructed. The sweater is densely-knitted without being too thick, so it's flexible and hangs well. It's machine knitted, I think, or knit by a very patient person, as the gauge is small and the yarn is fine. The buttons have not fallen off, and nothing has raveled. It's a miracle sweater. And I wanted one!

Alas, the sweaters I saw in Oslo were pricey ($300 and up) and not nearly as nice as his. Here is one I saw:
$407, and skimpy
Were I a fashion model, I could wear this sweater. But on me, with my older-lady substantial body, this would be skimpy and uncomfortable. I don't like the color, the pattern or the construction. I just don't think it's a 23-year sweater. So I came home with no sweater.

2. I did manage to buy two skeins of yarn (using up all the small Norwegian change we had with us) the day before we left, at Glas Magasinet's basement Aladdin's Cave of yarn and sweaters:

I could have bought enough for a sweater, of course, but we are moving back to Florida, where a big bulky sweater will not be needed. The two skeins will be a nice big scarf for my daughter-in-law!

Just this month Pickles (www.pickles.no) opened a new shop in Oslo. I have been a fan of their simple knit items for the past three years, and I'm sorry the shop was not open when I was in town.

New Pickles shop
Since I came back from Oslo, I have been following knitwear designer Linda Marveng's blog (http://www.marveng-puckett.com/wordpress/) and wish I could have met with her while I was in Olso! Her lovely blog makes me miss the clear Northern air and practical friendliness of Oslo. She is on Ravelry, if you want to look at her design.

We are planning our next Norwegian visit for summer 2104! If you are looking for a human-scaled, relaxed place to enjoy some time off, try Oslo. The natural beauty is all around you, the people are eager to help you, and the Smørbrød is delicious!


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