Steady as we go

My favorite knitter, Elizabeth Zimmermann, was quite certain that knitting is therapeutic:

“Knit On, with confidence and hope, through all crises.”

The past three weeks, we have been packing for our move back to the US. Sorting, throwing out, giving away, taping boxes--this has been our home life (not to mention dragging the unfolded boxes we buy at the posta down the street, around the corner and up to our flat). We've also been completing a career development course which ends with a private consultation for each participant, and these consultations, while enjoyable, are energy-consuming. Then there are the innumerable trips to the bank, the posta, and various other business-type appointments. Our friends want to say goodbye to us, and we to them, but when?

Daniela, at the S-n-B street fair area at next to Vypálené koťátko cafe (our meeting place), wearing a blue sweater I knit
Knitting has become, more than ever, my safe place. I knit like there is no tomorrow, trying to use up the last bits of stashed yarn before we leave on Saturday. I will take some wool with me, most likely, for the 3-stage trip back to Florida. I have carefully packed my needles, tiny metal knitting box (cable needle, sharp scissors, tapestry needles, stitch markers)), gauge measurement and two special patterns.

Without my knitting, I would find it hard to relax at all. Even with my knitting, I am jumpy and cranky. Well...this, too, shall pass, and my knitting helps it pass more pleasantly. As EZ said,

"Properly practiced, KNITTING sooths the TROUBLED SPIRIT,
and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled one either."


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