who knits in Florida?

I do, that's who. We've returned to the US and are living again in the Orlando area. Here a cool winter day has a high of 72 Fahrenheit (22 Celsius). As you can imagine, I hardly need wooly items here, nor does anyone else. But still, I knit. I gave away many of my stockpiled finished items before we left Prague, and came here with just a few precious favorites. But I order some yarn from yarn.com when we arrived here and got busy making mittens and a scarf for my daughter and her family. They, lovely people, sent me more yarn for Christmas!

Here are some favorite things I brought to steamy Florida:

My favorite Big Zipped Bag

Blue and white zipped clutch bag, my own BK design

Blue scandi bag, my own BK design

Irish tote, another BK design

Who? hat


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