Winter strikes the USA!

This winter has been quite the surprise for most people living in the US. It's been cold and snowy in the NE, the mid-Atlantic states, and Midwest, the Plains States and the Pacific Northwest. We've had 5 or 6 cold spells in Central Florida, so I've been knitting for myself as well as my family.

here's a nice, simple scarf I made for me. The pattern is my own, Noah's Colorful Striped Scarf.

It's made from Lion Brand Wool-Ease that my daughter and her family in Central New York sent me for Christmas. For them, from that gift, I made some cold-weather hats and scarves. I used my pattern for the purple/natural hat, and for the pink and white chula. The pink scarf is the same pattern as mine.

I made another scarf (I love the nubbly texture of the garter stitch) for my daughter in blue with a couple of green stripes--Vintage yarn.

now we are all warm and cozy . . . but still ready for Spring.


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