Gifts and a use-up-the-leftovers tote

March has not been a month for exciting new knitting projects, but I have managed to make a few items.

We took a trip to Delray Beach last weekend, and I wanted to bring gifts to my hostess and another friend we were meeting there. I had bought this yarn intending to make myself a trans-seasonal vest, but when it arrived in the mail, I liked neither the color not the texture of the yarn for a vest. Yarn is Cascade Sierra, 80% cotton and 20% wool, color Mallard.

So I made two versions of my trusty Chinook scarf,, one on size 7 needles (the correct size, in my opinion) and one n size 9, just to see what would happen.  
Here's the one knitted on size 7 needles:

My giftees seemed happy, so that's a win.

The tote is designed to use up all the scraps of wool/acrylic I had gathered in a few months. I think it's pretty. I always love to make up a Fair Isle project. This is my own pattern, 


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