my glamorous granddaughter in a sweater I knitted for her when I lived in Prague
Since I've moved back to Florida, three things have happened that have a big effect on my knitting:

1. I live in Central FL, near Orlando. You don't need many hats or scarves here, except on a day like today when it was wet and chilly, about 50 degrees. These days are rare. Most days are like this:

2. I am teaching again as at Seminole State College, where I also tutor in the Writing Center. I teach Writing, which is a great pleasure, but it takes many hours to prepare for classes, teach the classes and grade the essays my students write. So I have less free time than in Prague.

Sandhill Crane at Seminole State College
3. I just completed my first novel (my previous books were on career development) and am in the process of publishing it as an ebook on The limited free time that I have is going into the book, Prague for Beginners, and into the new novel I am writing about my days as a back-to-the-lander in upstate New York.

So I have decided to take a break with this blog. It will still be available but I don't expect to update it often. Please visit one of my other blogs (see the list to the right) and my business homepage, Thanks for reading!


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