Writing and knitting

It may seem that writing and knitting do not have much in common, but let me enumerate their amazing similarities:

  • 1.       You start with a pile of materials and make something that only you can make.
  • 2.      You contemplate the pile for a while before you begin, letting your imagination run wild.
  • 3.       Sometimes you don’t like what you’ve done and rip it out
  • 4.      Sometimes the finished item bears little resemblance to your imagined thing of beauty.
  • 5.       The mistakes you make will never go away. Corollary: you will see new mistakes or ways to improve every time you look at the finished item.
  • 6.      People are amazed and in awe at what you have done, while you feel slightly embarrassed at the many flaws and faults that leap out at you. Advice: don’t point out the flaws; this will only make your admirers think that they are unobservant and is often taken as fishing for a compliment and will only get you more praise (“oh, no, it’s perfect!”), not the commiseration you subconsciously seek (“I could have done so much better!”)

Yes, writing and knitting are very much alike. Both require skill, patience and creativity. And both communicate your innermost self, which is always a bit of a risk.


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